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Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

First of all, thank you very much for the prompt response. It is greatly appreciated.

Second of all, thank you very much for replacing it for me. I know it is not in my timeline for warranty and I appreciate the replacement. I also understand that this is a one-time thing and I am very grateful to you and your team.

Lastly, I want to say that I do enjoy your products and with your action today, I will 100% be getting more screws or even a clamp in the future from your team.

Thank you again for all of your help and you have made my day! I will now be able to finish my project sooner than later 🙂

Best regards and have a lovely week!


Talk about customer service!  This is service above and beyond.   I called customer service at Milescraft to address a problem I was having with a recent purchase.  Jessica from Milescraft returned my call promptly, listened attentively to my issue, and went to great lengths to resolve the problem to my complete satisfaction.   In all my 63 year, it has been the best customer service interaction I ever had.  I am a customer for life!

J Snow
Toronto, Canada

Thank you very much for your quick response and for taking care of this for me! – George P.

Thank you very much for your prompt response and help with this.

I use several Milescraft products (Drillmate,  right angle drill adapter, pocket hole jig,  Jointmate doweling kit) and I want to let you know that I really love your products.

They are high quality, easy to use, and reasonably priced.  Also delighted by the fact that you make spares easily available on your online site and that the products are backed by strong customer support  – I don’t have any complaints at all.  I will look forward to purchasing more of your products as the need arises.

Kind Regards,


This is long overdue, but I have to thank you for your outstanding customer service.

I have rarely receive such prompt, informative, and friendly advice and support.

Thanks to you, Milescraft now has a loyal customer looking forward to their products.

ps.  I did go to the store you suggested and they had it in stock.  Since I’ve bought a couple of other Milescraft products.  I’m really happy with the quality and value.  I’ve recommended it to a couple of my friends as well.

Thank you,

Thank you for your fast response. It’s great to know Milescraft provides great customer service.
Andy Tran

First, let me say WOW! Your response was super fast. I have not had a chance to review on Amazon yet but I assure you I will be raving about how impressed I am with your quick service. I can tell you I will be looking for and considering more of your products because of this example. Thank you for giving me hope in customer service I thought it was dead.
Mike Holland

WOW! I thank you so much for the fast service and the perfect information that I needed and ask for, You are the best.

Thanks again, and have a great day. I know I will now!


Thank you very much for sending the replacement #70157 Connector. I have just received it.

Just want to send you and your team a heartfelt thank you for going above and beyond. There might be a lot of businesses out there that make similar products but at the end of the day, it is the customer service that sets one company apart from others.

I am grateful and milescraft have established a solid reputation in my book for me to consider making future purchases from. As a beginner who just started in woodworking, I am sure I will be slowly acquiring additional tools.

Thank you again.

Dickson from Canada

Thank you so much. I appreciate the responsiveness. Great customer service.

Colton C.

I’m a fan of the Milescraft brand from the items that I’ve used. And your customer support is very nice.


Thank you again for your kindness…and yes, I realize it’s good customer service but your company didn’t have to do this.  It reflects so much on your interest in not only selling your product but more on your interest in serving and sustaining your relationship with your customer.

Your company is a breath of fresh air….car manufactures most definitely need to learn from Milescraft.

Once again…thank you so much for your gifts.

Hank Robb

Thank you for the quick response, and for the new order.  I appreciate it very much.

Great customer service!

-Brandon Novak

Thank you again, was not expecting such incredible customer service, will definitely be a life long supporter of Milescraft!!
Jeff – Grainbuilt Woodworks, LLC

Milescraft PocketJig200 – Like the product. No cheap plastic guide to wear out and give you an inaccurate board setting like KREG.

Jeff C. – Tipp City, OH

Thank you for the quick response and for sending out the replacement.  That’s the kind of customer support that makes a difference.

Thank you, Michael

Thank you so much for your help. I am amazed at the customer service. I was just telling my wife, 21 minutes after you guys open, I already have a response from my inquiry and within an hour of you guys opening, the replacement is being processed. Very awesome customer service, which unfortunately a lot of these days lately, is hard to get. Will definitely buy Milescraft products in the future.


Thank you for your prompt and kind response. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.


I couldn’t think of a more efficient and effective customer service. I’m really amazed.

Thank you so much.


Thanks for your quick response. Great customer service. I love your product.


Thanks for the additional information. It is always nice to get good customer service.

More about Milescraft, the support is great and the part arrived on time.
Daniel C.

Fantastic customer service! Thanks so much for the quick and helpful reply!


“Thank you very much for the information and help.  You are wonderful and I am very glad I chose Milescraft and as a result of your customer service, I will continue to be a customer.”

Ray B.

“I appreciate your assistance addressing my issue, Milescraft customer service is first-rate.

I will definitely recommend Milescraft Company and their products to all my contacts and associates.”

Al Staszak

“Thank you for the prompt reply and even more for shipping out a replacement bit so quickly!

Good customer service is hard to find these days, and this has been great! I will definitely spread the word to friends.”

Scott Shoemaker

“Thank you for the prompt, informative, and courteous response.  More customer services could learn from you.”

Bill Synnott

“I really appreciate your prompt and thorough response.  This is the level of customer service that I hope most companies can live up to.  I look forward to using the DrillMate and learning more about other Milescraft products to add to my growing workshop.”

Adam L

“Thank you so much for the quick reply and replacement set of templates!  You’ve made me a Milescraft customer for life!”

Mike Kelly

“Wow! That IS service!  With a capital S!

I really appreciate your extremely prompt, informative and superbly helpful reply.
I’ll be leaving a review on Amazon within the next few days and I’m afraid that your superior service will bias my review just a bit : )

This is my very first Milescraft product and I’m certain there will be another.”

Gordon Nicol

“Perfect! Thank you for the excellent customer service! Makes me feel confident about my investments in all of your products.”


“I have never owned a jig like this. My wife and her girlfriend read me the directions while I setup. It was fast, easy and did a clean job. I don’t plan on going back to the hammer and chisel method.”


“Thank you so much for your excellent product support! You’ve made a solid place for your products in my shop, and I’ll recommend them to others anytime I get the opportunity.”


“Thank you for the awesome customer service. The Milescraft Circle Guide looks like a very well designed product and I’m looking forward to using it.”


“That was really nice of you to get it here so fast, thank you. 5 Star company!!!! Will recommend you to all of my friends I can.”

Jeff Cage

“Thank you so much for your assistance and professional and courteous customer service.  Many companies could learn much from your professionalism.

I hope you have a great day too!

Thank you so much!”

Tony D’Jock

“Superb customer service.  Thanks so much for your help.”

Andrew M.

“Thank you for going above and beyond! I am glad to know there’s still a company that is concerned with the quality of their products! I have seen a lot of change in the quality of many products and I will be happy to reassess the Milescraft brand. Thank you for your time and response.”


Jason Lewis

“I would just like to write and say I’ve been using your pocket jig 100 for a few days and I just wanted to say thank you for making such a decent product for an affordable price. It is awesome. I am just starting out woodworking, and this product is on par with the Kreg pocket jig and it’s nice to see a competitor who knows great quality and affordability is achievable. I am a Milescraft fan. Thank you! ”

Cory V.

“Thank you so much guys, I really appreciate the GREAT customer service and FAST response!”

Taylor D.

“It’s perfect!  Thank you so much and I greatly appreciate you going the extra step.”

Dave Whitton

“I appreciate the prompt response and excellent customer service.”

Jeremie Baker

“Thank you. Milescraft customer service is outstanding by far the best I’ve ever run into I really appreciate the assistance.”


“That is awesome, thank you very much for helping me out. I appreciate Milescraft taking care of it and I’m going to buy some more product from you Milescraft. I love a company that has good customer service, it’s a big deal to me. ”

Thank you very much,
Steve Howard

“I am extremely impressed with this, and will not forget Milescraft Inc. Thank You for your assistance.”

Garry McDowell

“Well Customer Service….you amaze me! It is seldom these days that we get prompt, friendly service. Thanks to you for your response and fantastic customer service. Be sure I will let my friends know.”

Thanks again,

“I got the replacement #4 hinge bit so now I can continue installing the cabinet doors. You and Milescraft have been so helpful and in my future purchases I will first look for the Milescraft name before selecting any tools.”

Thanks again,
Dennis Lints

“I would like to thank you for your help and support.

As a customer service professional for over 30 years,  it always nice to see how other companies support their customers.

I want you to know how much I appreciate the excellent service you provided.”

Best Regards,
Dan Million

“I love the customer service I get from you guys. Milescraft customer for life here. Have a good day!”

Michael Cave

“I really appreciate you and your companies dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.

I plan on purchasing other products of yours in the future and will not hesitate to recommend you guys to my friends and family.”


“Thanks so much for your help. I really appreciate the great customer service!”

Daryl vanderGroef

“Thank you for the quick response. I think your products are great and will record a review for my YouTube channel after I finish building my new shop.

Cheers and happy new year!”

Brendan Gallagher

“Really appreciate your service. You have won a fan and a returning customer.”

James White

“Thank You again for your help! It is company ’s like yours that I would stay with. Not all are like yours, believe me.

Happy Holidays to you!”

Thanks, Gord

“WOW, I never get such a quick response.  I thank you very much.”

Rich Meroney

“This was the first time I ever dealt with Milescraft, and I  must say that I am very impressed!”

John Duro

“Thanks for your professional help.  I appreciated your demeanor and assistance.  I did install the bushing – yep, that solved the carving problem.  Thank you for sending the new replacement letters! I found the dust collector for the DWP611 – I had it but never have used and it and basically I did not know what it was really for.  I installed it and it works great!

So you solved all my issues and I am so appreciative of your expeditious help.  You are an impressive asset to your company!

I’ll be in my shop and making signs all day today!”

George Gabbert

” I contacted Milescraft. They quickly (I mean next day!) contacted me and rectified the issue. I am satisfied that Milescraft stands by their products, ensures quality and provides outstanding customer service. Inadvertent errors can happen and as long as they can be fixed, I’m a happy customer. Thus I will not hesitate to purchase Milescraft products in the future.”

Gary Teti

“I deal with a wide variety of companies and you guys are by far in the top 2 or 3 as far as customer service goes.  Your response rate is incredible; like off the charts fast.  On top of that, you’re personable and it’s exactly what the woodworking community talks about.  People would much rather give their money to companies who pay attention and engage.  So keep it up please.”

Pete Dettorre
Dettorre Furniture

” Thanks greatly for the callback. That has to be the customer service, of ALL customer service! Congratulations and thank you!”

Jake Leonard

“Your company is obviously concerned about the products they sell. Thanks again, I do appreciate your help.”