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Frequently Asked Questions for Cutting

What is the best blade to use in my jigsaw for circular cuts?

Choosing the best curve cutting jigsaw blade is essential for completing your tasks with the best results. It is important to get the appropriate tools for the material that you are using.

Here a few tips and tricks for cutting circles with jigsaws.

  1. Choose a blade that is appropriate for the material that you are working with
  2. Blades with a higher TPI (teeth per inch) will provide a smoother cut
  3. Narrow blades are preferred for curved/circular cuts
  4. For softwoods, softer hardwoods (poplar, mahogany, alder, etc.), and sheet goods, run your jigsaw at its highest speed for most cuts. If you encounter resistance, back off the speed slightly.
Is the SawGuide Compatible with the Dremel Saw-Max?

Yes, the SawGuide is compatible with the Dremel Saw-Max.


SawGuide – Circles getting small during use

If the cut of your circle gets smaller, then you have your nail set too far forward.