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Tackle even the toughest projects with confidence and ease using our selection of woodworking tools. Whether you’re a pro looking to take on the next big thing or a first time home renovator, we’ll make sure you have everything you need. Our durable product design ensures that our tools will last as long as your masterpieces.


Turns hand-held circular and jig-saws into precision cutting tools

Straight, Accurate Cuts Every Time.

Project plan link

Easy Way to Make a High-End Set of Cornhole Boards

Comfort Grip Handle

Includes two non-marring mortising pins for cutting mortises into varying board thicknesses

TurnLock™ BasePlate includes common mounting screws for attachment to most routers

Can be used for many projects that require dado cuts, grooves, and rabbets

Compatible with plunge and fixed base routers

Clear 13″ offset base provides added stability during edge routing

Milescraft Edge & MortiseGuide™

Perfect for mortises, rabbets, dados, edge finishing, and more!

The Offset Base is ideal for narrow boards, routing edges, and edge profiles. Included are two non-marring mortising pins for cutting mortises in varying board thicknesses..

Milescraft PenPress™

The Pen Press Tool You Need

Whenever you need to assemble precision-pressed products, from pen blanks to other turned projects, the Milescraft PenPress™ is the ideal tool for the job.


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