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SKU: 1003


The Power of Any Rotary Tool Transferred to the Precision and Comfort of a Stylus Grip


With the 36″ flexible shaft the RotoFlex™ provides access to spaces that no rotary tool could ever achieve. The RotoFlex™ maximizes user enjoyment and project success.

RotoFlex™ Features: 

  • Three sets of ball bearings provide a smooth, consistent, dependable flow of power from almost any rotary tool to all 1/8″ shank bits and accessories
  • RotoFlex™ connects directly to any 1/8″ chuck
  • No adaptors are required
  • Standard collet system makes bit and accessory changes quick and easy
  • Integrated shaft lock
  • Comfortable hand grip provides fingertip control
  • Exceptional 5-inch bend radius creates greater application flexibility than products with stiffer shafts


  • Connects To:

    1/8″ Chuck


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Are different size collet options available for the Milescraft RotoFlex?

The Milescraft #1003 Rotoflex has a standard 1/8” collet. Milescraft does not manufacture different size collet options, however, there are others on the market that do and they are compatible with our tool.