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Milescraft Dealer Portal.

Providing great products to stellar retailers = mutual success. Check out the information below for what’s happening with our suite of dedicated woodworking tools and accessories.

New Product Announcements


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Fall 2023 Canadian Distributor Promotions

Product Change Notifications


Packaging Update

Milescraft is focused on being environmentally conscious. There are many ways that our choices and processes can impact the environment. As an example, we are continuously reviewing our product packaging materials to try to eliminate waste and excess whenever possible.

Milescraft Barcode Notification

To alleviate issues that occur with UPC differentiation for customers that purchase both the metric and imperial versions, Milescraft will now place new, unique, UPC stickers over the existing printed UPC on the metric versions.


Doweling Product Transition

Our Product Management Team and Engineers have identified product improvements to our current doweling assortment. Doweling is a growth area in the Wood Joining category and these new Milescraft items are top performers that will only continue to grow.

Discontinued Notifications


Milescraft 4700 TurnersPress Discontinued

The Milescraft 4700 TurnersPress has been discontinued and replaced by the 4710 PenPress


Milescraft 1309/1359 DowelJigKit Discontinued

The Milescraft 1309/1359 DowelJigKit has been discontinued and replaced by the 1333/1383 DowelJigKit