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Square Coffee Table Plans

Level of Difficulty: easy
Submitted by:

The Accent Piece

I’m a self-taught woodworker, DIY enthusiast, house-to-home transformer, endlessly curious maker, wife, and mom to 2. Building and making is my passion. Creating a home with my own two hands is my jam.

Dimension the Lumber

Dimension all of your boards according to the cut list above.

Cut the Pocket Holes

Assemble the coffee tabletop using all parts A. Joint the edges so that the seams are flush.
Use the Milescraft PocketHoleJig to drill the pocket holes. Assemble it with pocket holes, screws, and wood glue. Clamp it together while it dries.


Assemble the Coffee Table

Assemble the legs.
You will join two boards together twice (parts B) in order to create both legs. You can either join these together with pocket holes or with dowel joinery.
Use wood glue and clamps. Allow it to fully dry.

Attach the legs (parts B) to the tabletop (parts A). Use pocket holes and wood glue.

Apply the Finish

Sand the coffee table before applying the stain and finish. Start with 80 grit sandpaper on an orbital sander and sand the whole piece. This is especially important if you didn’t plane the wood pieces before assembling them.

Once you have done that, switch to 120 grit sandpaper and sand the whole piece again. You are now ready to apply the stain.

The stain I used is called Special Walnut and I purchased it from Home Depot. Apply the stain evenly with a high-quality bristle brush and allow it to fully dry, according to the dry times on the back of the can. This is the ideal choice of brush in applying the stain, as it creates a uniform finish.


Your Coffee Table is Now Complete!

And that’s it! You now have a new coffee table that will look great in any living space. To make matching pieces of furniture, the plans could easily be modified to make a matching end table as well.


Milescraft PocketHoleJig
Miter Saw
Power Drill
Planer (optional)
Orbital Sander


Part / Count / Cut List:

A / 4 / 2×10 cut 36” long
B / 4 / 2×8 cut 33” long
C / 2 / 2×6 cut 30” long