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The No Drip, No Spill, Gluing Solution

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GlueMate150™ - Replacement Parts

The GlueMate150™ by Milescraft is the perfect glue accessory for everyone.  From master craftsmen to first-time DIY’ers, this 5 oz. advanced glue bottle makes for quick and accurate application.  The small size is great for little projects of tight spaces.

The secret is the two-chamber design.  When pressure is applied the glue is sent from the bottom of the storage chamber up through the smaller application chamber.  This allows you to control the flow and deliver just the amount of glue you need.  It even allows for vertical application – You can put glue anywhere, at any angle!

Included with the GlueMate150™ are 2 different application tips.  A fine point cone applicator allows you to lay down a fine bead of glue on narrow boards or in dowel holes or other joints.  The flat biscuit applicator tip has a wide profile making it great for biscuit joints, or just spreading a wider bead of glue on bigger boards.

GlueMate150™ Features:

  • Double chamber system allows for gluing at any angle
  • Narrow application tube helps you control flow and apply precise amounts of glue
  • 2x applicator tips for different occasions
    • Fine cone Applicator for fine beads
    • Flat biscuit Applicator for wide flat beads
  • Holds 5 oz. of wood glue or other liquids
  • Fill with your favorite brand of glue!
  • *Glue not included.




  • Bottle Size:

    5 oz. (150 ml)

  • Non-Drip Tips Included:

    Dowel Applicator Tip + Cap
    Biscuit/Domino Applicator Tip + Cap


Verified ownerVerified owner

Like it. just enough glue without being bulky

2 years ago

1 review for GlueMate150™

  1. Anonymous Verified Owner

    Like it. just enough glue without being bulky

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