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5mm ShelfPin Bit™

SKU: 2312

5mm ShelfPin Bit™

Self-Centering Custom Spring-Loaded Brad Point Drill Bit

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The 5mm ShelfPin Bit™ is a self-centering bit that is pre-set to bore a consistent depth for perfect fitting shelf pins every time. No adjustments are necessary!

5mm ShelfPin Bit™ Features

  • Self-centering boring bits in 5mm diameter
  • Drill perfectly centered holes for shelf pins
  • Spring-loaded HSS brad point drill bit

For Use With

*Please note that before you use the bit, you will want to fully tighten the set screw. Also, be sure that when loosening the set screw on the ShelfPin Bit™, you do not loosen it too much, as the pressure from the spring will make the bit come apart. 


  • Size:


  • Includes:

    1/8″ Allen Wrench

  • Bit Material:

    High-Speed Steel


Verified ownerVerified owner

Haven’t used it yet but the 1/4” that came with the kit worked well. I’m sure the 5 mm will do just as well.

1 year ago
Verified ownerVerified owner

great bit have done two shelfing units so far !

3 years ago