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Position And Drill Perfect Shelf-Pin Holes

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ShelfJig™ - Replacement Parts

Create custom cabinet shelving like a pro with the Milescraft ShelfJig™. You can drill up to 7 holes at once with the error reducing, see-through body, then reposition for the next set using the included indexing pins. The centering notches built into the jig make setting it in place a snap. The ShelfJig™ features standard 32mm spacing between holes, and the guide fence can be repositioned to give you 37mm or 64mm setbacks. Removing the guide fence allows for easy access to the back of the cabinet box.

Included with the jig are two different drill bits to complete holes for all of the most common shelf pins in the market. The quick release, impact ready hex-shaft makes changing bits quick and easy. The detachable guide fence also acts as convenient storage for parts that are not in use.

ShelfJig™ Features

  • Strong, clear polycarbonate construction increases visibility and decreases errors
  • Seven hardened steel drill guides help to create straight, true shelf pin holes
  • Standard 32mm spacing between bushings
  • Bushings are offset for common 37mm and 64mm shelf pin locations and marked on the jig
  • Centering grooves help with aligning the jig to your pencil marks
  • Convenient removable storage case functions as edge guide
  • Index pin allows you to reposition the jig to create continuous holes


  • Hole Diameters:

    1/4” and 5mm

  • Hole Spacing:


  • Hole Setback:

    Detachable fence can be changed to provide either 37mm or 64mm setbacks

  • Number of Guide Bushings:


  • Bushing Material:

    Hardened Steel

  • Includes:

    Jig Body, Detachable Fence with Storage, ¼” Drill Bit, 5mm Step Drill Bit, Depth Stop, ¼” Indexing Pin, 5mm Indexing Pin, 3mm Hex Key



Took 30 seconds to master this jig. Numerous ways to measure markings. Like the solid materials and case.
I’m a skeptic by nature but found this works easily.

4 months ago
Napoleon P.
Napoleon P.
Verified ownerVerified owner

Nice, easy to use and precise

1 year ago