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DIY Round Side Table Plans

Level of Difficulty: easy
Submitted by:

The Accent Piece

I’m a self-taught woodworker, DIY enthusiast, house-to-home transformer, endlessly curious maker, wife, and mom to 2. Building and making is my passion. Creating a home with my own two hands is my jam.


Dimension all of your boards according to the cut list.

Making the Center Rod

Create the “metal” rod using the wooden dowels (parts F). Find details on how to do this in this post about how to make wood look like black metal.
Drill ½” holes in the legs (parts A) 4” from the bottom and insert the dowels (parts F) in the holes. Use wood glue to reinforce.

Joining the Legs

Using wood glue and pocket holes, attach the top stretcher (part B) to the legs.

Attaching the Parts

Using wood glue and pocket holes, attach the small stretchers (part C) to the longer stretcher (part B) and to the remaining legs (parts A).

Rounding it Off

Glue parts D to each other. Optional: reinforce with pocket holes.


Using the CircleGuideKit from Milescraft, use your router to cut the circle out of the wood (parts D) for the tabletop.



Finishing up

Attach the round tabletop to the base from the bottom using wood screws. Congratulations on a job well done!


Milescraft CircleGuideKit
Table saw
Miter Saw
Power Drill
(tools continued)
Pocket Hole System
Orbital Sander
Combination Square
Drill Press


Part / Count / Cut List:

A / 4 / 1.5” thick x 3″ wide x 22.5” long
B / 1 / 1.5” thick x 3″ wide x 16” long
C / 2 / 1.5” thick x 3″ wide x 6.5” long
D / 4 / 1.5” thick x 5.5″ wide x 22” long
E / 1 / ½” diameter wooden dowel, 19” long
F / 2 / ½” diameter wooden dowel, 9.25” long