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SKU: 6202/6252


Universal Metal Bushing Router Base Plate


The OmniBase™, by Milescraft, is the next generation in universal router bases. The 7” router base is compatible with nearly ever router, from small trim routers to full-size. This is possible due to its patented adjustable swivel mounting wings.  Secure one or both fixed mounting locations to your router, then swivel the others to align. The OmniBase™ also is compatible with all of the other TurnLock™ jigs from Milescraft, making it a must have accessory to connect your existing router to all of the other  jigs from Milescraft.

Truly Universal Fit

  • Router base plate is compatible with nearly every trim, palm, mid or full-size router

Accepts Metal Bushings

  • Compatible with 1-3/16” Porter Cable® style metal bushings

Adjustable Mounting Wings

  • Two fixed wings and two adjustable, swivel mounting wings align to any router hole pattern

TurnLock™ Compatible

  • OmniBase™ is compatible with past, present, and future Milescraft® TurnLock™ jigs

Mortise Guides

  • Includes two non-marring mortising pins for cutting mortises into varying board thicknesses for tenon joinery

Reversible Centering Pin

  • Centering pin fits in both ¼” and ½” router collets (6, 8, 12mm for 6252 Metric)

Increased Stability

  • 7” Diameter base plate increases stability during routing projects

Clear Design

  • Helps increase visibility while routing


  • Base Plate Diameter:


  • Material:

    Clear Polycarbonate

  • Mortise Pins:

    Two Settings for thinner or thicker boards

  • Centering Pin:

    ¼” or ½” Imperial Collets (6202)
    6, 8, 12mm Metric Collets (6252)

  • Base Plate Compatibility:

    Trim, Palm, Mid & Full-Size Routers

  • TurnLock™ Compatibility:

    Past, Present, and Future Milescraft Jigs

  • Includes:

    Clear Base Plate with 2x Adjustable Mounting Wings, Centering Pin, 2x Mortise Pins, 4x Mounting Washers, Instruction Manual


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