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Self-Clamping, Professional, Lock & Knob Installation Jig


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LockMatePLUS™ - Replacement Parts

Maximize the speed and ease of door lock and knob installation projects with the LockMatePLUS™ by Milescraft. Perfect for large jobs where time is money, the self-clamping design sets up in seconds without the need for screws or hardware. The non-marring clamp has a wide rubber surface that sets up or removes instantly, prevents slipping and protects doors.


  • LockMatePLUS™ clamps to door eliminating use of screws that can damage door

Advanced Cutting

  • Includes 2-1/8” and 1” Bi-Metal Cobalt alloy hole saws


  • Cut both wood and metal solid or hollow core doors

Fits most Doors

  • Adjusts for 1-3/8” and 1-3/4” thick standard doors

Anti-Wear Design

  • Stepped drill guide has built in metal bushing to prevent damage and extend life of jig

Adjustable Lock Locations

  • Creates both 2-3/8” and 2-3/4” standard backsets for locks and knobs

Universal Compatibility

  • Creates holes compatible with most common lock, knob, and handle sizes

Perfect Spacing

  • Included Dead Bolt Locator positions dead bolts correct distance from knobs or handles

Reduce Tear Out

  • Extra-long ¼” Pilot bit exits door first, creating guide hole for completing hole from the opposite side


  • Door Mounting:

    Self- Clamping

  • Hole Saw Diameter:

    2-1/8” and 1”

  • Compatible Door Thickness:

    1-3/8” and 1-3/4”

  • Adjustable Backset Settings:

    2-3/8” and 2-3/4”

  • Pilot Bit with Arbor:

    ¼” Drill Bit

  • Main Drill Guide:

    Metal Step-down guide bushing

  • Cross Bore Guide:

    Metal guide bushing

  • Includes:

    Jig Body, 2x Bi-Metal Hole Saws, Door Thickness Spacer, Adjustable Main Drilling Guide, ¼” Pilot bit with Arbor, Hole Saw Adapter, Adapter Washer, Dead Bolt Locator


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